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7 Practical Stock Trading Tips

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Trading Using Disciplines

Your mind is the key to successful trading. The key to successfully trading financial markets is inside of you. You can become rich by thinking. Learn to manage your mind. If your mind is in tune with the market, you have a much greater chance of making money. Mental discipline is at the root of success in all of life. To succeed at financial trading one must approach it in a disciplined manner. Read More... 


5 Ways To Strengthen Your Trading Mindset

Trading with a focus to building your financial portfolios is serious business and as such needs to follow a system that is proven and a mental toughness that can only be developed through time. Even a system that works will have times where you need to rely on your own internal strengths and not veer off the path of discipline. Read More...
Traits of a Successful Stock Trader

There is a growing body of research pertaining to personal strengths and performance in the business world and also in the psychology literature. The underlying idea is that we can be more effective in developing ourselves by enhancing our strengths than in minimizing or improving our weaknesses.


If this idea is correct, then the most important function of coaching is to figure out where a stock trader truly excels. While a questionnaire might be helpful for this purpose, nothing speaks louder about strengths than the stock trader’s own stock trading results. Read More...

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