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Welcome to Advanced! During this course you will learn skills that will help you:

  • Build on your Foundation disciplines
  • Learn the skills to self select stocks
  • Analyse the rest of your charts (Bollinger Bands/RSI/Stochastics)
  • Disciplines to recognize higher returns than 1%

This course is a series of videos split into three different modules. Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Trading & Risk Management. 


Our recommendation is that you review the videos in the same order they are listed, beginning with the Technical Indicators Tab. You are welcome to watch each video as many times as you require.


Navigation of the Advanced Video Series (Video)

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How to Manage Risk When Trading Stocks

Every successful business needs to have a risk management plan and stock trading is a business that also requires such a plan. The following is how to manage your stock trading while mitigating your risks.

Cover your expenses every month. Then concentrate on achieving a steady growth in earnings.

  • Rather than striving for the big hit, protect your capital first and work for consistent returns and take more aggressive risk with a portion of profits.
  • The big hits and home runs will still come along, but they come along without excessive stock market risk. Read More...


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